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As regards the origin of the Mathur sub-caste of the Kayasthas, there is no manner of doubt that they are so called because their original home was Mathura, Mathurs are said to have ruled Ayodhya. Later on, their descendadnts accepted posts of Dewan of the same area under the Surya Vanshi family and Bundra Mathur and his nineteen generations held the above mentioned posts. The downfall of Ayodhya commenced during the Dewanship of Bal Pratain Mathur, who took reins of the kingdom in his own hands. His rule stretched through ten generations, after which the reins passed to Maharaja Daleep. The kings who followed were Raghu, Dashrata, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughana. The surnames that the Mathur frequently adopt are Dayal, Lall, Chandra, Andley, Berni, Saharia, and sometimes Bahadur. The Mathurs are subdivided into als and gotras. People belonging to the same al claim to have descended from the same immediate ancestor and share a common totem. Gotra is a larger group being composed of a number of al. By the grace of GOD, we started mathur sabha in the year 1994  Through this forum we are trying to promote our rich cultural heritage and religious values. This is your site that needs your continuous support and participation. A platform for sharing your Thoughts, Special Moments, Achievements etc. If you have any suggestions about the site or feature that could be added .Please write us to sabhamathur09@gmail.com 

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Shubham Mathur, 5’9, 31, B.Com, MBA,Owns Business in Lucknow,Father- Shri. Deepak Mathur, 9415767817, 0522-407875800

Ashish Mathur, 30, B.E. in IT,works in Bharti Infratel,Mother-Mrs.Namita Mathur 9926970101, Bhopal

Anshuman Mathur,Father-Shri.Deepak Mathur,38,5’8,Email-mathur_d@outlook.com,B.E,IT job in Australia,9844030624.

Vaibhav Mathur,Father-Shri.RK Mathur,27,161cm,Email-mathurdigjam@yahoo.com,B.Tech,Software Architect in Bangalore,9986966322

Rahul Mathur, M,33, 6, Shri.- R.K. Mathur,B.E., Working at Rohit Surfactant, Al-Andley, 9630097966, 9685256651 rajatmax@yahoo.co.in

Shubham Mathur,M,28,B.Tech (Mechanical),Alstom Lucknow,Father-Shri.Sunil Mathur,9839343906 mathursunil18@gmail.com

Pranit Mathur,M,27,B.Tech,MBA,TVS Group Delhi,Father-Shri.Atul Mathur,9891796007

Rachit Mathur,M,31,MBA,Future Group,Father-Shri.PK Mathur,9839095524 pradeep.thevirgo@gmail.com

Ankit Mathur,M,29,B.Tech,Working in Pune,Father-Shri.SK Mathur,8840415832 mathur111054@gmail.com

Arun Mathur,M,36,5’8,MBA,LLB,Business Media Advertising,Mother-Smt.Prabha Mathur,A-12,Green City,Gulmohar Colony,Bhopal,9424491276

Saral Mathur,M,30,B.Tech (ECE),TCS Mumbai,Father-Shri.VN Mathur,9434792581

Pratyush Mathur, M,30,5’9, Microsoft, Bangalore,9454412744

Anubhav Mathur, M, 32, B.SC IT,.MCA, HCL NOIDA Father-Shri. Pradeep Mathur,9873421351, 9873921351 1vaibhavmathur@gmail.com

Jitendra Mathur M, 30, 5’11,B.SC, MBA, Asst. Manager, Axis Bank, Delhi Father-Shri. Pradeep K Mathur 19-c/s Scheme no.17, Vijay Nagar, Indore 9893713244

Rohit Narain,M, 31, 6’1, ,MBA, Manager, Wallmart India, Amritsar Father- Shri. Rakesh Saharia, 9794838815 rakesh.saharia@gmail.com

Mayank Mathur, 33,5’6, Wheatish, B.E., Self Employed, Father- Dr. Vijay Mathur, Bhopal 9425675816 

Nikhil  Mathur M,28,6Ft,PG Marketing,IIRM Jaipur,Make My Trip Sr.Business manager,Father-Shri.RC Mathur,9414156577 rakesh_rashmimathur@rediffmail.com

Arpit Mathur M, 28, 5’6,B.Com, Future Group, Mumbai Father-Shri. R.K.Mathur,HIG, Kanha Kunj, Kolar Road, Bhopal 9301114888

Sourabh Mathur M,32,, Mechanical Engineer from New York University, Father-Shri. Arun K.Mathur 9176836915 mathurarun@yahoo.com

Mayank Mathur,29,5’6, fair, Charted Accountant,Posted Indore,Father- Shri.Ashok Mathur, Mother-Smt.Sarita Mathur,9009001144

Udit Mathur,, M, 28, B.Tech, MBA, Working in MNC,Father- Shri.Mukesh Behari Mathur, beharimukesh@gmail.com 8696910945

Ankit Mathur, 27, 177, B.Tech(IT), PGD in Advance Computing, Software Engineer in ADOBE Inc. Noida, Father- Shri. B.K.Mathur,9810212104 mathurbk@gmail.com

Shashank Mathur, M, 37, 6 Ft,BHMS, Jodhpur, 9166589028 Father- Shri. Alok K Mathur mathur.shashank16@gmail.com


Prospective Brides

Heena Mathur,28,5’0,MBA,Professor at Government College,Badnagar,Ujjain,Father-Shri.RK.Mathur,Phone No.9617843100,Email-mathur.shubham39@gmail.com

Prerna Mathur, 28, 4’11, B.Com(Hons), CA, Father-Shri. Ajay Mathur, 9310009203 amathur0908@gmail.com

Ankita Mathur, 25, 167, CA at Citrine Cooperman Ahemdabad Father- Shri. Deepak Mathur 9426614176 dmathur007@rediffmail.com  Jodhpur

Deepali Mathur, F, 26, 5’2, Father- Shri. Pradeep Mathur, B.Tech(Mech.), M.Tech(CAD, CAM) from Symbiosis International University, Pune, Asst. Prof. in an Engg. College, Indore, A-58, DDU Nagar, Sukhliya Indore,9893055512, 9993378392

Swati Mathur, F, 17 July, 1990, B.Ed, M.Com, Father-Shri. Rajendra Mathur, 8858586111

Naina Mathur, F, 26 May 1991, M.Pharma, Occupation-SGPGI Lko, Father- Shri. V.K.Mathur vijaymathur27@gmail.com 9336052980

Divya Mathur, F, 7 Nov. 1989, Lko, B.SC., Sr. Designer in Private company, Father- Shri. Deepak Mathur mathurdmsm@gmail.com, 9764464956

Devika Mathur, 15 Jan 1993, M.Com, Teaching, Lko., Father- Shri. O.P.Mathur, 9415012907

Aakriti Mathur, 1 April 1989, 5’3, B.Tech(EC), MBA(GIM,Goa), Sr. Data Analyst at LOWE’S Bangalore, Father- Shri. R.K. Mathur, rkm6.183@gmail.com 9868556933

Arushi Mathur, DOB- 4 Aug. 1992, MCA, TCS, Father- Late Shri. M.N.Mathur, arunamathur021@gmail.com 8225907669

Neha Mathur, DOB-21/11/1993, B.Tech(CS), DM, ICICI Bank, Father- Shri. S.K.Mathur, surendramathur31@gmail.com 9414345123

Monika Mathur,26, fair, M.Pharma, Father- Shri. Anil Mathur, Mother- Smt. Archana Mathur, 9425614376

Ankita Mathur, 29, 5’2, fair, M.Sc, MBA, Father- Shri. Prem Bihari Mathur, 34, NW-34, Indus Garden, E-8 Ext, Arera Colony, Bhopal akashmathur20062007@gmail.com

Surbhi Mathur F, 27,5’3 B.Com, MBA, Father-Shri.Ashok Mathur 64, Hariom Vihar , Ujjain 9009001144

Aakriti Mathur, F, 34, 5’4.5, B.Com, PGDM,Father- Lt. Shri. M.P.Mathur, 82, Surya Kiran Apartment, Block-D,Vikas puri, Lucknow,9911122664

Ankita Mathur F, 29, 165 cm, MBA, Working PNB, Father-Shri. Pankaj Mathur, MIG-97, Sector-D, Aligang, Lucknow 9839972257

Anukriti Mathur F, 24, 5’2.5, B.Tech( Bio Technology), Father- Shri. Anil Mathur 9503114871

Diksha Mathur, F,28, 5’2, M.A. Father-Shri. Dilip Mathur, Lind Crossing, Chandpol Bazar, Jaipur 9413841749

Nidhi Mathur, 28, 5’2, Fair, MBA, B.Sc, Father- Shri. Narendra Kumar Mathur, Ganj Basoda, M.P. Phone- 0768 4221362

Surbhi Mathur, 26, 5’4, Very Fair, B.Com, Diploma(Graphic Designing), Mother- Smt. Prabha Mathur, Bhopal, 9424481276

Shivika Mathur, F, 26, MSC,M.Phil(Maths),Government job, Father-Shri.UK Mathur,Jr.MIG-47,Block No.8,Saraswati Nagar,Jawahar Chowk,7879723702

Tanya Mathur, F , 24, 156, B.Tech(CS), MBA, Working in MNC, Father-Shri. Sanjay Mathur, mathursanjay4@rediffmail.com, 9717726633

Nikita Mathur, 27, 158 MBA(HR), Woking with MNC on HSBC a/c, Father-Shri. J.P.Mathur 9422314279

Srishti Mathur,26, 164, B.Tech(IT), Working in MNC  NOIDA, Father-Shri.R D Mathur, 8004700995, sangita.mathur23@gmail.com

Aditi Mathur, 15 Dec 94,M.Com, B.Ed, PGDCA,, Father- Shri.Satyendra Mathur 9799464120

Parangita Mathur,26, B.Tech(CS), M.Tech(Data Science), Working in MNC Father- Shri. Rajeev Mathur,7309158984

Kirti Mathur,Father- Shri. Ashish Mathur,27, 158 cm,Bachelors in Applied Electronics(DU), MBA(HR), Working in NOIDA 0120-2639190

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